High Voltage Testing

ABM test engineers have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to ensuring power system protection and control systems are safe, compliant and reliable.

Experience, training and a continuous improvement, minimises risk to high voltage asset owners.

Our range of testing solutions are as follows.

  • Power Transformer testing
  • Current and Voltage transformer testing
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Earthing system testing
  • High voltage cable testing
  • High voltage insulation resistance testing
  • Power frequency testing
  • Primary injection testing
  • Generator Testing and Commissioning

  • Factory acceptance testing of protection & control relays
  • Site acceptance testing of protection & control relays
  • Protection scheme cut over and functional testing
  • Satellite synchronisation equipment providing multiple end line protection testing
  • Fault recording & play back facilities
  • Routine protection system maintenance
  • Protection settings & test record database management
  • Secondary system design review
  • Auditing of commissioning processes
  • Contract liaison
  • System outage co-ordination
  • Inspection and test plan development
  • Co-ordination with external requirements (AEMO)
  • Site and Project Management