Testo prides itself on supplying state-of-the-art devices to industries around Australia. This is especially true for our refrigeration instruments, which have been servicing the industry at all levels for many years. These products provide a comprehensive overview of all facets of refrigeration, from leak testing to HVAC system efficiency measurement. If you have a refrigeration problem, Testo has the instrument you need to put it right. Why do you need refrigeration instruments? The refrigeration industry encompasses many different devices, installations and structures, all of which require class-leading instruments to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. Processes that need these instruments can include everything from cold storage facilities to HVAC systems. This involves complicated sys - tems that are heavily dependent on regular and effective maintenance to keep them running as the manufacturer intended.

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Smart Probes – Heating Set

Key Features: All necessary measuring instruments in a handy bag....
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Smart Probes– Refrigeration Set

Key Features: Measures CFC, HFC, HCFC, N, H2O, CO2 ....
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Smart Probes – VAC Set

Kye Features: Measures air velocity, temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb / dew point,...
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Testo 115i – Smart Clamp Meter

Key Features: Quick & precise reading of temperatures. Data analysis...
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testo 312-2 Precision Manometer

Key Features: Switchable precision range with a high-resolution Printout of...
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testo 312-3 Versatile Pressure Meter

Key Features: Load and tightness tests of gas pipes Pressure...
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testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector

Key Features: Patented heated diode sensor provides excellent sensitivity High/low...
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Testo 316-4 Refrigeration Leak Detector for Amonia Set 2

Key Features:   Highly accurate sensor of  3g/a enables  detection...
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Testo 316-4 Refrigeration Leak Detector Set 1

Key Features:  Highly accurate sensor of  3g/a enables detection of...
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testo 405i – Smart Hot Wire Anemometer

Key Features: Measures air velocity, volume, flow and temp. Extendable...
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testo 410i – Smart Vane Anemometer

Key Features: Measures air velocity, volume flow & temp. Easy...
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testo 435-1 Multi Function C RH Co2 Co Flow

Key Features: Measures Multiple Parameters C, RH, Co2, Co, Pressure,...
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