When is Equipment Calibration Required?

Jay Parker – ABM Services Group

There are a number of reasons why Calibration on equipment will be requied

  1. New instruments

Equipment may require calibration if it is brand new, in many cases equipment that is brand new needs to be calibrated first before it can start giving accurate readings.

  1. After an instrument has been repaired or modified

Calibration may be required after an instrument has been repaired or modified in any way.

  1. When a specified time period has elapsed or when a specified usage has elapsed

Once a specified time period has elapsed or a specified usage period has elapsed equipment may require calibration.
For example

-Equipment may have a six month calibration period therefore every 6 months you need to get the instruments calibrated.

-Equipment may also requires calibration after a set period of hours, so after 1000 hours of usage, calibration is required.

  1. Before and/or after a critical measurement

Calibration is also highly recommended before or after a critical measurement. if your piece of equipment just made a critical measurement then it’s a wise move to ensure you get that piece of equipment calibrated.

  1. After an event

After an instrument has been exposed to a shock or physical damage, sudden changes in weather, etc. In essence, anything which might potentially have compromised the integrity of the equipments’ calibration may require calibration.

  1. Whenever observations appear questionable or instrument indications do not match

Calibration is required whenever its’ observations or measurements appear questionable or strange. In other words, when measurements don’t match the output of what is referred to as surrogate instruments.

  1. As specified by a requirement (customer specification, manufacturer recommendation)

And finally, calibration may be required because it is specified by customer specification or the instrument manufacturer recommendation. Authoritative recommendations must be followed and should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding whether or not to calibrate your equipment.

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