ABM has won a 2 year contract with Coca Cola for 2 manufacturing plants. The contract is to maintain and calibrate approximately 450 assets. Winning of this contract re-emphasises ABM’s capability to manage large scale calibration projects. The contract will involve on site calibration and maintenance of various instruments, including flow, pressure, temperature, pH, chlorine,… Read More

ABM is proud to announce we have been appointed exclusive distributors for Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group in Australia. Palmer Wahl web site www.palmerwahl.com For any sales enquiry contact sales@abmsg.com.au www.abmsg.com.au About Palmer Wahl America’s first thermometer company originated in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer Instruments has steadily evolved through product development geared… Read More

In today’s world it’s significantly important to ensure that your equipment is well calibrated. What is Calibration? Simply, calibration is the process of determining a piece of equipment’s accuracy. This process involves getting some form of a reading of the equipment and measuring its variation from a reading obtained from another standard instrument. In fact,… Read More

There are a number of reasons why Calibration on equipment will be requied New instruments Equipment may require calibration if it is brand new, in many cases equipment that is brand new needs to be calibrated first before it can start giving accurate readings. After an instrument has been repaired or modified Calibration may be… Read More

It’s important to keep in mind that calibration methods for modern devices (as opposed to more ancient devices) can be both manual and automatic depending on what kind of device is being calibrated. For instance, in this first photo of a US servicemen calibrating a temperature gauge this photo, he’s performing a manual calibration. The… Read More

‘Calibrate’ and ‘Calibration’ entered the English vocabulary around the time of the American Civil War, specifically in terms of a description of artillery and it was thought to be derived from a measurement of the calibre of the gun in question. Artillery pieces that we see in front of us would need to be calibrated… Read More

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